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Gina Jude Curriculum offers Preschool through High School classes in Math, Science, and History.  Most classes are offered through the Outschool Platform.

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Imagine a world where classrooms are like science laboratories, bubbling with excitement and curiosity! Welcome to the realm of NGSS classes - an electrifying fusion of Next Generation Science Standards and hands-on learning adventures. Picture yourself donning a lab coat, goggles perched on your nose, as you embark on a journey through the unknown realms of biology, chemistry, physics, and more. In these thrilling NGSS classes, students become scientific explorers armed with cutting-edge technology and mind-boggling experiments that ignite their imaginations like fireworks in the night sky. From dissecting frogs to unraveling the mysteries of DNA under microscopes, every day is an exhilarating quest for answers in this captivating universe. The keyword here is "engagement," as NGSS classes immerse learners into a whirlpool of questions and discoveries that leave them breathless with excitement.

🧑‍🔬 Get ready to dive into the world of enzymes with our NGSS science curriculum! Our latest lesson on investigating enzymes will have your students engaged and excited to learn about this vital topic in biology. 💡With interactive activities and hands-on experiments, our curriculum makes learning about enzymes fun and educational. 🌱 Plus, our expert tutors are always available to provide additional support and guidance for your students.Upgrade your science teaching game with Gina Jude Curriculum today! 🚀 #NGSS #scienceeducation #enrichingyoungminds

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📚 Attention all science lovers! Our latest NGSS investigation is here and it focuses on the important concepts of variables, experimental questions, and hypotheses. 🧪With our interactive and engaging curriculum, students will learn how to properly design experiments and write effective hypotheses in no time! 💡Enroll your child in our program today and watch their love for science grow. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! 🔬 #GinaJudeCurriculum #NGSS #ScienceInvestigation

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🧪📚 Attention all science lovers! 🌎✨ Introducing our newest investigation on momentum, aligned with NGSS standards. 💡 Engage your students in hands-on experiments and interactive activities to deepen their understanding of this fundamental concept. From Newton's Laws of Motion to real-world applications, our curriculum provides a comprehensive approach to learning about momentum. Perfect for high school science classrooms and tutoring sessions. 🔬🚀Don't miss out on this valuable resource for your students. Sign up for Gina Jude Curriculum on investigating momentum today! #NGSS #ScienceEducation #MomentumExploration

📊🔬 Attention all science students! Get ready to take your data investigation skills to the next level with Gina Jude Curriculum. Our NGSS-aligned resources and tutoring services will help you excel in analyzing and interpreting data. Say goodbye to boring worksheets and hello to interactive activities that bring real-world data into the classroom. 🌎💡 Join us in embracing hands-on learning for a brighter future. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your understanding of data analysis. Sign up for our services today! #NGSS #ScienceEducation #DataInvestigation #GinaJudeCurriculum

🧬Attention all high school science lovers! 🚨 We're thrilled to introduce our latest lesson plan on the NGSS science standard of investigating a flu prevention drug. Our curriculum is designed to engage students in real-world scientific inquiry and critical thinking 🔬With interactive activities, hands-on experiments, and engaging discussions, your students will be fully immersed in the world of science. 💡Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to teach your students about cutting-edge research while preparing them for success in their future STEM careers. Enroll now at Gina Jude Curriculum! #NGSS #FluPrevention #ScienceEducation 🌎

Unleash your homeschoolers' scientific curiosity with NGSS Science Investigations! Discover the fascinating world of automobile air bags through hands-on experiments, engaging activities, and cutting-edge NGSS techniques. Equip your young scientists with critical thinking skills as they explore the science behind these life-saving devices. Ignite their passion for learning while ensuring a confident future in STEM fields. Get ready to buckle up for an exciting educational journey like no other!

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