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Teaching and Learning with Outschool

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Outschool is an education platform that offers online classes for kids ages 3-18. Unlike traditional classes, Outschool classes let kids explore their interests with live Zoom classes taught by experienced, independent educators.

I teach interactive middle and high school science and social studies classes. The levels range from basic to advanced levels. I am very flexible and allow the parent to guide how they want to take the class. I offer homework, projects. and tests. The only time these are required is if you want or need a grade for the class. I use Google Classroom for my synchronous or live classes. I teach live classes in Middle School Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics and High School classes in Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, American History, and World History. I also offer asynchronous classes in Computer Applications, Biology, Chemistry, American History, and World History. All of my classes meet twice a week for 50 minutes each. Middle School classes are 10 weeks for each subject. Basic High School Classes run for 30 weeks split into 3 10 week sessions and Advanced High are split into 2 15 week sessions. Whichever level you choose, the standards are based on the Next Generation Science Standards which is the current science standards for the United States.

Classes involve problem solving, verbal and written instruction, projects, activities, and lab activities. I do all labs under the camera and students are welcome to do the lab alongside me or after class on their own outside of class after watching me. Each topic will also include at least 1 homework assignment and 1 test. Some longer units will have more. All curricula materials used within the class are written by the teacher and distributed to students via the Google or Outschool classroom so no additional textbooks are necessary but if your student wants a textbook as a reference, one will be suggested by the teacher.

Checkout my classes and times for the 2022-2023 at . I am offering a $10 off coupon for any class. The coupon can be used for more than one class. The code is OLDENBLOG1010. I hope to see you in my classroom in the Fall.

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